Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yahoo is up

I like stock trading. It's a lot like vegas, except for the lack of free drinks, half-naked waitresses, comps, etc.....

So I like gambling I guess.

I've got an interview lined up with Microsoft to join their Exchange crit-sit team. I think I'm qualified, just need to prove that to them I guess. It involves a relo, which depending on how Microsoft does relocations, might make the whole thing irrelevant. We're not quite upside-down in this house, but we're not making much progress either.

We'll see I guess.

Looks like mom qualifies for some special program that will keep her out of prison for her 2 felonies. Some sort of "I'll narc on everyone I know and do drug rehab" program. She'll be on probation for a bit, so thats that I guess.

No real news on the dad front of late.

I've been playing guild wars lately, because its online but free. It does it for me as far as a fantasy fix goes.

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