Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So what's the point with this anyway?

I originally started this thing off as a way to vent, that I'm clearly doing. But I also thought I had something to say about the political atmosphere in our country right now. In the world even. But when I go to write about it, it seems somehow futile. I can't really get the motiviation to type out my thoughts on the subject because it's so damn depressing.

I wonder how the rest of America really feels. When they aren't distracted with the high gas price panic (oh noes! It's going to cost me another dollar to drive around for the week!) or the latest Brittany Hilton Lohan crisis or whatever. I must imagine Americans seem awfully shallow people by the rest of the world. I'd say on average that's pretty much spot on.

It seems there isn't really a voice of discontent in the US right now, it's more of a pathetic whimper voiced in the wrong direction.

So anyway, if there isn't going to be a wealth of sharp witted social and political commentary on this site, whats the point exactly? Is this in fact nothing more than a bit mental wank-fest for yours truely? Yeah, probably so. I guess its therapy after a fashion.

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